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Heather Cournoyer, CCIB, CIP uses her years of experience, extensive education, and insurance market expertise to properly protect your business. With Heather, you will get the honest goods about insurance, the coverage that meets your needs, and the right price! 

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Heather Cournoyer is a partner with Thor Insurance and Registries,  Alberta, an experienced insurance broker professional and a long-term Alberta resident. Unlike many other insurance brokers wholly or partially owned by large insurance companies, Thor Insurance is independently and locally owned.


Good, Better, Or Best

Taking Care of What Matters

As your broker, I can help identify your risks and build an insurance program to protect you. When you spend the time upfront really reviewing and understanding your risks and your insurance it will save you time and money in the long run.

Commercial Property

In the event of a loss to your company’s key assets, how quickly can they be replaced and at what costs?

Ensure all your physical assets are protected: your buildings, contents, and all types of equipment.

Commercial Liability

Ensure you’re insured against lawsuits and claims that you or your employees’ negligence has caused.

Protect yourself and your company with a commercial general liability policy designed with your firm in mind. 

Business Interruption

Insure the reason you went into business as well as the things that help you have a business; whether it was to support your family, help your community, to make a profit, or contribute to the economy.

Be protected if you suffer downtime as a result of an insured loss and have not properly prepared for the inevitable loss of income that will occur. 

Commercial Auto

Knowing the difference between Commercial Use and Business Use of automobiles is critical in determining what insurance to purchase, and to ensure that your coverage will be in force in the event of an accident.

For most commercial vehicles, even a short-term loss of a vehicle can have devastating effects on your ability to service your customers.

Contractor’s Packages

As a tradesman, be it electrical, construction, plumbing, carpenter, painter etc. you have unique needs that can be addressed with a Contractor’s Package.

Insurance packages vary from insurer to insurer.  Most will provide commercial property, liability, tools, installation floaters and office contents to name a few of the extensions. We can tailor-make a package to provide coverage for what you need.

Cyber & Privacy Insurance

High profile cyber attacks are the tip of the iceberg.  Those make the news but any business owner is subject to cyber attack or losses arising from the loss of or breach of data.  Ransomware, Malware, Phishing, Whaling, Porting have become common terms.  

Something as simply as losing a USB containing client data can result in a substantial financial loss.  Ask about the many forms of insurance protection available.

Worry Free Claims

I have worked closely with multiple clients who have experienced losses and understand the importance of business continuity. Your insurance program should be designed in conjunction with a proper business continuity plan.

Sometimes the insurance claims process can be a challenge, but at ThinkInsure  I can help make the claims process as stress-free as possible. As your insurance broker I put my customers best interests first. I act as your advocate if you have a claim, helping ensure fair and prompt settlement.

Hard to Place Risks

It could because of the age of location of a building.  Perhaps it’s poor claims experience.  Maybe the business you operate is in a less-than-desirable class of business.  If so it can put a business owner at risk of not finding affordable insurance or any at all!  Heather’s vast experience is priceless and can assist business owners with reducing risk and locating an insurer willing to insure those Hard to Place Risks.

Personal Insurance

Owning your own business gives business owners the opportunity to provide for their families well-being.  Your home, automobiles, recreational vehicles and other personal belongings are important to you.

It’s just as important to do a thorough review of your personal insurance as it is with your business insurance.  All policies are not the same and buying your insurance based solely on the best price may not be your best option.

We can review your personal insurance and make sure that when something happens there will be no surprises.

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At Thor Insurance, you get the best qualities you want from an insurer. I can handle all your insurance needs, from getting risk management advice, various coverage options, and pricing to providing superior personal customer service. Let me save you money and take all your insurance worries away. 

Heather took the time to learn about my operations to ensure I had the proper coverage for everything we do. It was a completely different experience than answering a few questions over the phone with a broker. I learned we had more than a few coverage gaps that she was able to cover us for and the price was actually better than what we were paying the other company. Heather is highly recommended! 

Gord Gabel

Rogue Star Online, Sherwood Park, Alberta

I really appreciate the thorough reviews you do for each file and the fine attention to detail. We are extremely busy and having the assurance that this is being done makes our jobs a lot easier and we can confidently choose the best product to recommend to our boards. I admire how accessible you are and passionate you are for each file no matter how big of a challenge it may be.

Kristin Baylis

Progressive Property Management, Edmonton, Alberta

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My Insurance Connections

Special Risk Insurance Managers 

SRIM is pleased to be able to provide a complete selection of insurance coverage for all aspects of these diverse activities. From planning through implementation, we can provide annual or term insurance in many products. 

Aviva Insurance Company

Aviva Canada is one of the country’s leading providers of property and casualty insurance. They provide home, auto, recreational vehicle, group, and business insurance coverage solutions and are known for their excellent customer service.

Intact Insurance Company

Intact Insurance is Canada’s largest provider of business and personal insurance coverage, offering car, home and business insurance from coast to coast. Serving more than 4 million Canadians, it is a trusted name in the insurance industry and is known for its outstanding service and 30-minute claim guarantee.

​Travelers Insurance Company

Travelers Insurance provides Canadians with high quality personal and business insurance solutions. A licensed Canadian insurer that includes the Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company, St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company, and Travelers Insurance Company of Canada, it’s known for its diverse insurance solutions and specialization in underwriting, risk control, and claims. 


APOLLO is the only insurance company dedicated entirely to entrepreneurs. Their Vision is an industry where computers do the work so people can build relationships.


Cansure is a leading Canadian insurance supplier founded in Vancouver, B.C. Today, they are a team of over 160 insurance professionals and have offices in British Columbia and Ontario. As an open market, we are accessible by all licensed brokers in Canada and seek to be a first-choice supplier across the country.



Premier was established in 1989 and now has over 160 employees Administering over 130,000 policies. Their products are developed in-house and are unique to Premier.  They are a Managing Underwriting agency with domestic and London security with a minimum rating of A- (Best’s)


USLI is a member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies and is rated A++, the highest rating available to any insurance entity, by A.M. Best, the premier analyst of insurance companies. They conduct business in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and Yukon

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