Have you ever asked yourself Why you are in business??

In Simon Sinek’s book, “Start with WHY” he writes about the importance of defining your “WHY”.
  • WHY is the purpose, cause or belief behind what you are doing.
  • HOW are the actions taken to realize your WHY.
  • WHAT is the product, service or job function.  It provides the tangible proof of your purpose.

My entire young life, I was looking for my WHY and it became apparent in my thirties (took me long enough hey?) -It’s because I am here to help people.  It’s as simple as that.  So, from a personal perspective, I try to do that every day.

I also believe that we have two “WHYs”; our personal WHY and our business WHY.   And if I’m not mistaken, they will both be very similar and the business “WHY” will and should support the personal WHY.

I love meeting new people and learning about their WHY and their businesses because it’s exciting.  With my specialized knowledge of the insurance industry and the options available for insurance, I can help my business owners feel more secure.   When hit by that unforeseen, unexpected insured peril, they know that “this too shall pass”.  The business will survive as will the reason for the business – Their WHY.

Can you imagine our society, our lives and our businesses without insurance?  Nothing to backstop us when the unexpected happens. No insurance policy to show the bank that they don’t have to worry about that loan they gave us.  No ongoing revenue to pay the owner and employees so they can pay the bills and support themselves until the business is up and running again.

I’m seeing more new business ventures launching in Alberta than I have for a long time.  Having a strong business background and that entrepreneurial spirit, I get WHY.  We are seeing a real shift in people’s priorities.  They want more control over their future, more flexibility and more freedom.

I also get the fact that many insurers do not want to consider providing insurance to that new operation.  Fortunately, there are still insurers who will provide terms and understand that a new business does not necessarily mean higher potential claims.  Experience matters and I have the experience to help.

Thank you all for helping me with my WHY.   What is your WHY because I can I help you.
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May 2023 be the year your WHY catapults you to major success!

You can reach out at heather@thinkinsure.ca or text/phone 587-597-5478.