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Business Interruption


Why do I need Business Interruption Insurance?

 If you suffer a physical loss that affects your business income and you don’t have the proper business interruption insurance it is quite likely you may go out of business.


What does Business Interruption Insurance cover?

It provides you with financial protection to compensate for your loss of income as a result of a physical loss.  In addition, it will cover additional necessary expenses reasonably incurred to reduce that loss of income.

For instance, if having a specialized piece of equipment shipped by air rather than land and it reduces the amount of loss of income anticipated, the insurer will provide coverage for the additional expense.


How long do I have to wait to get my loss of income paid?

Each situation is different and will depend on the type of loss and amount of time to be back into business.    You need to have good financial records that have monitored the trends in your business.   Work with your adjuster and your accountant to help you determine what the amount of recovery may be.


What if my major supplier sustains a loss and I can’t get my products to sell?

There are other forms of business interruption that can protect you for losses that may occur outside your premises that could impact you.  Contingent Business Interruption coverages are available for a supplier or anchor tenant in a large mall.


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