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New Year Thoughts

New Year Thoughts

At this special time of year, I would like to say THANK YOU!  I’m thankful and honored to have such amazing friends, trusted business associates and the best clients in the world!

As we approach 2020 I thought I would share some thoughts to take into the New Year.

Richard Branson

“Never look back in regret–move on to the next thing.”

What’s done is done and the only thing we can do is learn the lesson and move on….hopefully wiser.

Warren Buffet

“Invest in yourself. The one easy way to become worth 50% more than you are now at least is to hone your communication skills — both written and verbal.”

Humans have the ability to communicate yet somehow true, open communication is becoming a lost art.  And Remember God gave us two years and one mouth.  We should listen more than we talk.

Oprah Winfrey

“Embrace the power of your flaws”

Here’s what she has to say about that….  “When I first started my own show in Chicago, I was talking to a bunch of models,” she said. “They were all these skinny, pretty girls and they were talking about their cellulite. I was like, girl, I can show you some cellulite!”

“I think that moment, and then the rest of the audience relating to that moment, I started to realise that being yourself, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, embracing your faults, that everybody has them, that’s what gives you power.”

Michelle Obama

“Stop being so afraid.”

Fear tends to hold us back and many times that fear is unfounded.  Don’t just step out of the box, blow it up!

And here is my personal favorite…..


“Life is not about what happens to you, it’s how you react.”

Epictetus was a Greek philosopher who spent his youth as a slave.  After becoming crippled he was banished from Rome, he lived in Greece the rest of his life.

We can only control our own thoughts and behavior.  So, before you react, take a breath and remember that whatever you see or hear is through the filters you have developed in your lifetime.

May 2020 be a productive, prosperous and happy one!



After the story about Goldilocks and her trespassing in the Bears Den broke in the tabloids there was a storm of controversy. The Bears agreed not to press charges and ultimately became good friends and mentors of the charming if somewhat ditzy girl.

The Bear family owned Three Bears Insurance, a successful brokerage firm specializing in providing customized insurance and risk management solutions to Small and Medium Businesses. Based on her EXPERIENCE in testing porridge, chairs and beds, Goldilocks and the Bears realized the girl had a natural talent for finding the right fit. They took her on as an apprentice broker working alongside Baby Bear. Once she had completed the necessary hours of community service for her earlier transgressions and an intense program of EDUCATION, the Bears hired her as an Insurance Broker.

On the surface the job seemed simple and easy. Meet the client, work with them to gain as much of an understanding of their business as possible and identify and analyze their business risk. Sometimes she would identify risks that clients weren’t even aware of but which they needed to know about. Many of the things that kept them awake at night were easily dealt with once they were identified. In reality, there was many hours of work done behind the scenes in order to deliver the correct advice. Not the least of these tasks was selection of and negotiation with the right insurer.

Two of her first clients were the First and Second of the Three Little Pigs. Unfortunately for them, the houses built of straw and sticks did get blown away, but were rebuilt with the necessary building code upgrades all paid for. Luckily for them, she understood that the buildings, being older, would probably not be up to code if they had to be rebuilt. She had purchased additional coverage for that eventuality. Throughout the claims process she exhibited considerable EMPATHY which made the process, although still stressful, a lot easier to manage

The Third Little Pig had previously discussed risk management options with Goldilocks taking in to account the peril posed by the Big Bad Wolf and decided to build with bricks so he suffered no loss. He relied on her EXPERTISE!

The moral to this story is to keep looking until you find the right Insurance Broker for your needs, and then listen to their advice so you can make an informed decision.

Thus endeth the story but not the lesson, which is why Heather Cournoyer, CCIB, CIP is the right broker for you!

EDUCATION– Canadian Chartered Insurance Broker, Chartered Insurance Professional, Foundations of Risk Management

EXPERIENCE – Over 35 years experience as an insurance broker and business owner

EMPATHY – Having had the opportunity to work with hundreds of insured clients in her career she understands how stressful and confusing the claims process can be. She listens and understands!

EXPERTISE – It’s not just her understanding of insurance that makes her an expert in her field. Having been a business owner herself and working with hundreds of others businesses owners over the years, gives her a unique advantage. A Certificate from Ryerson University in Entrepreneurial Mentorship doesn’t hurt either!

ENTHUSIAM – Heather loves what she’s doing – helping others thrive and survive! It shows when you meet with her.

So get to know her!  email heather@thinkinsure.ca or call 587-597-5478