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Commercial General Liability


What does commercial liability insurance cover?

 Liability insurance provides you with financial protection in the event that you are found legally liable for damage to persons or property.  Even if you don’t feel responsible, the legal costs to defend you can be staggering. 

What it doesn’t cover?

It is not designed to cover professional liability, property in your care, custody or control, automobiles, intentional or criminal acts to name a few. 

Who is protected under my commercial liability insurance?

 Liability insurance will provide coverage for your business, employees and any volunteer workers while performing duties related to your business.

What if I hire Sub-contractors?

 You should ask for a Certificate of Insurance that confirms that they have commercial general liability insurance protection for the work performed by them.

 What is Umbrella Insurance?

 Commercial umbrella liability insurance is an excellent way to purchase additional protection over and above the limits you carry for your Commercial Liability and Automobile Liability.

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