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Contractor’s Package


What is a Contractor’s Package?

As a tradesman, be it electrical, construction, plumbing, carpenter, painter etc. you have unique needs that can be addressed with a Contractor’s Package.

What type of coverage would it include?

Insurance packages vary from insurer to insurer. Most will provide commercial property, liability, tools, installation floaters and office contents to name a few of the extensions.

What’s a package policy?

Contractor’s generally have a base location where the require coverage for building, stock and equipment but they usually perform their work at various locations. The package policies are designed to include Property, General Liability and some crime cover. Additional features are included to provide additional protection.


What other features are included?

Each insurer has developed their own suite of coverage however they may include:

  • Installation Floaters – provides coverage for supplies and material either in transit or at the site of a renovation or installation
  • Tool Coverage – off premises coverage for tools
  • Equipment Rental Reimbursement – should a piece of equipment be damaged or destroyed by a covered loss, reimbursement for the cost of rental can be included
  • Rented Contractor’s Equipment – an extension that provides protection for equipment you may need to rent on a short-term basis



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