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Cyber Insurance Coverage


What are some examples of cyber risks?

  • Employee Error – losing a USB key, failing to secure passwords, e.g. theft of vehicle with back-up left inside
  • Malicious Hackers – attempt to shut companies down – steal data or money.  Hackers have become an enterprise with HR departments, R & D, customer service 
  • Ransomware/Extortion– hack where data is stolen or made inaccessible and a demand is made, usually for cash (bitcoin)
  • Breach – any time sensitive, protected or confidential data has potentially been viewed, stolen or used by an individual or entity without authorization
  • DDos – Distributed Denial of Service. An attack that attempts to render your online service unavailable.


How can I protect myself against cyber attacks?

  • Have a technology audit done to identify potential risks.
  • Develop policy around internet and data controls
  • Educate, Educate, Educate – many cyber attacks are caused from employee error.


What types of insurance protection are available?

Cyber insurance protection can pay for sums you become liable for as a result of some of the following issues:

  • Multimedia and Advertising liability arising out of media content, user generated content or your business activities
  • Intellectual Property Rights Infringement
  • Invasion of Privacy Rights
  • Cost arising out of Privacy Breaches
  • Reputation Management

Ransomware protection is also available in the event your computers or website are hacked and held for ransom.

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