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Drone Coverage



Most commonly referred to as Drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are a type of aircraft with no onboard crew or passengers and can be piloted remotely or autonomously.  They are defined by Transport Canada based on the weight of the drone and its use.

Use of drones both recreationally and commercially is increasing in Canada.  Existing insurance policies for personal and commercial use normally have exclusions under both the property and liability sections for any type of aircraft – drones included.


Insurance protection is available from several insurance companies in Canada based on the size and use of the drone. 


What does Drone insurance cover?

Coverage is available on either an All risk or Named Perils basis for the drone itself as well as Liability insurance in event of property damage or bodily injury to third parties.  Certain extensions can be added for Invasion of Privacy and Chemical Liability.


Who is not covered under Drone Insurance?

  • Wear and Tear of unit itself
  • Injury or damage to you or your property.
  • Other standard exclusions as outlined in the policy.


Are their special requirements to quality for insurance?

 All drone operators must meet the necessary requirements from Transport Canada.


How to get a quote?

You can download this application, complete and send to heather@thinkinsure.ca


For more information or to get connected with the Aerial Community

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to get to locations. Aerial Imaging Canada Network also offers additional resource listings for everything from training schools to commercial insurances to drone retail sales opportunities. All in one location.


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