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Hard To Place Risks


What makes a risk “hard to place”?

Insurance companies are in business to make a profit just like any other business.  In some cases, certain circumstances will mean that many business owners may find it difficult to find affordable insurance.  The higher the risk, the higher the premium that will be charged.   This would include such risks as vacant buildings, customers with frequent losses, buildings with aluminum wiring or asbestos and many more.


Where can I get insurance as a new business?

New businesses often find that many insurers won’t provide a quote.  It’s kind of like, how do you get a job without experience and how can you get experience without a job.

Heather’s extensive knowledge of the insurance marketplace makes her your choice for that new business operation.  She works closely with the business owner and the insurer to find a way to provide coverage so the business owner can open his doors.


Here are some examples of risks that may fall into the “Hard to Place” category:

  • Vacant buildings
  • Unprotected risks
  • Certain entertainment risks – hospitality, carnivals, sports activities, children’s activities
  • Professional Liability and Errors & Omissions – certain esthetic operations like tattoo removal, asbestos removal, Pollution consultants
  • Website security


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