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Client Testimonials 

“I have nothing but great things to say about Heather. She is tenacious and hardworking when it comes to finding a solution for your insurance needs.I had a unique situation that involved a home-based business (manufacturing class) and tenants insurance to boot. My current provider disqualified us so I turned to Heather. She sought out the best solution and a reasonable price. She got it done. She also was able to help create a new sector for home-based businesses like mine that did not fit into!
Heather is very knowledgeable about the industry and the terms of the policies. I look forward to continuing my insurance requirements with Heather when I do move into a proper commercial facility.”

Stephen Parkes

Get It Laser Engraved Inc.

” I really appreciate the thorough reviews you do for each file and the fine attention to detail. We are extremely busy and having the assurance that this is being done makes our jobs a lot easier and we can confidently choose the best product to recommend to our boards. I admire how accessible you are and passionate you are for each file no matter how big of a challenge it may be. “

Kristin Baylis

Progressive Property Management, Edmonton, Alberta

  “Heather knows her stuff and, even better, knows how to explain it to those of us who don’t live in the insurance world. Heather was thorough in wanting to understand exactly what my businesses are all about and not once did I feel as though she was just out to ‘get my money’ or sell me coverage I don’t need. Heather was genuinely interested and the coverage I have now is not only better, my premiums are less than before. “

Kathy Flett

Business Owner & Real Estate Investor

” Heather took the time to learn about my operations to ensure I had the proper coverage for everything we do. It was a completely different experience than answering a few questions over the phone with a broker. I learned we had more than a few coverage gaps that she was able to cover us for and the price was actually better than what we were paying the other company. Heather is highly recommended! “

Gord Gabel

Rogue Star Online, Sherwood Park, Alberta

” Fantastic coverage for a better price than we were paying previously and I appreciate the detailed explanation of my past coverage and new one. “

A. G.

Spruce Grove, AB

” You were the only one we found that could provide us with the insurance and information we required. You didn’t hesitate. We told you what we needed and you said I will find what you need. “

F. B.

Sturgeon County

” I have the highest respect for Heather! She responds to calls and e-mails promptly and explains things well. I trust her completely with the Services she has provided for my family and business. I know she cares for her clients! “

D. L.

Sherwood Park, AB

News & Updates 

Business Insurance for the Entrepreneur

Business Insurance for the Entrepreneur

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Reducing Premiums Not Protection

Reducing Premiums Not Protection

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